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Do you own illeagal crypto?

Protecting you using the same tools used by the FBI and the IRS

Do you own Illegal crypto?

Just like with FIAT money, some crypto funds can be obtained as a result of criminal activities such as money laundering, human trafficking, child abuse ,and other illegal activities.

Law enforcement agencies have the ability to follow the money and identify the crypto wallets to which funds that were involved in criminal activities were transferred to and you might be the owner of those funds whether you know it or not 

The possession of illegal crypto in your wallet, whether knowingly or unknowingly can lead to the freezing or seizure of your assets by law enforcement agencies as part of an investigation into criminal activities. This can result in the loss of your funds, and may also lead to your personal information being investigated, potentially causing reputational damage. 

Validate your crypto's source
Utilizing Chinalysis to help YOU

Our team is fully certified by Chainalysis to Provide full wallet tracing and an expert opinion for the purpose of introducing funds originating from activity in cryptocurrencies to banking and other financial corporations. The report generated by Chain Tracing will provide a detailed analysis of the sources of and routes taken by your funds and identify whether any or all of them have been used in illegal activities.

In addition, Chain Tracing analysis reports can be supplemented by an opinion of a legal counsel summarizing and articulating the analysis results

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